Engineering Solutions Company (ESCO)
Smarter solutions, with less effort


About ESCO

Who We Are
Established in 2005, ESCO is an engineering solutions company, offering services in IT consultation, database applications, management systems development, web design, networking, security, communications, technical support and maintenance.

Our team includes qualified engineers and highly skilled technicians that devote their extensive expertise and IT proficiency to provide our clients with the best and most cost-effective services and solutions in a timely manner.

Our portfolio encompasses a wide variety of enterprises in both the public and private sectors in areas ranging from media to public health, delivering unparalleled flexibility while minimizing operating costs.

What We Target

Our vision
To be the top IT services and solutions company nationally, paving the way for Iraq to compete strongly in the global market.
Our mission
Depending on our highly skilled intellectual personnel, as well as the support we get from our leading international partners, we work on meeting our clients’ needs, and even exceeding their expectations, maintaining their trust in ESCO as their number one choice for IT services and solutions in Iraq and worldwide.

How We Work

We provide an unrivaled value by combining cutting edge technologies to excellent designing, and devoting them to satisfy our clients in the short and long run and on both the administrative and technical basis.

Our services are always updated according to the latest technologies and are provided within a framework that follows the best management practices, making us stand out from the crowd.

Our management style follows the best international standards and expectations. We have developed an integrated web-based program to track the resources, schedules and technical performance of our projects. This system is accessible by all the team members working on each project. It involves multiple steps by which we go the extra mile to make our clients happy and successful:

  1. Understanding the client’s requirements, budgets and deadlines.
  2. Assigning the Account Manager responsible for dealing with the client as well as the suitable technical staff.
  3. Preparing a draft proposal that is discussed with the client and edited according to his notes.
  4. Updating the proposal after customizing it to fit with the client’s feedback.
  5. Upon the client’s acceptance of the final proposal, proceeding to prepare the project implementation plan.
  6. Assigning the Project Manager and providing all the technical requirements of the project.
  7. Tracking the project progress and allocating additional resources as needed.
  8. Analyzing periodic reports to ensure the commitment to the scope of work, budgets and deadlines as per the contract.
  9. Using collaboration tools to communicate with the team and relaying to the client.

What Makes Us Different

ESCO is concerned with having an actual, effective role in contributing to developing Iraq and building successful partnerships with our clients, that’s why we have continuous learning on top of our priorities. We guarantee high-quality training programs related to our areas of work for both our team and our partners’ staff, enabling them to carry out a greater part of work on their own.

Our solutions are designed to perfectly meet your needs. We provide cabling, networking, communications, security, web design, IT consultancy, technical support and maintenance services. All are tailored according to your specific requirements and special needs. We understand our customers’ desire to be unique and we are aware of the different natures of their work. That is why we work with them, listening to what they have to say, and we come up with the best solutions that drive their businesses to success.

Our pledge includes:

  1. Providing top quality services and solutions that meet the best international standards.
  2. Offering good, competitive prices of our cost-effective services and solutions.
  3. Adherence to custom-tailored approach to perfectly satisfy our customers.
  4. Comprehensive maintenance of our facilities.
  5. Technical support and required training for using our software and hardware.
  6. Full commitment to our social responsibility through product safety, employee welfare and ethical business conduct.