ESCO’s dedicated team of highly-skilled experts and long-experienced specialists is always ready to work with you on finding the best solutions and services that help you reach your business goals fast and smartly, while reducing operating costs and adhering to international standards and best practices.

We walk the success way with you through helping your business with a wide variety of aspects including but not limited to:

  • Preparing potential, system-related requirements before the real time of need to help maintain the continuation of work without interruption
  • Database development and management
  • Database maintenance planning
  • Backup management

  • Assistance with preparing bills of quantities
  • Supporting customers to manage proposals
  • Advise on the best hardware with respect to networks, personal computers, servers, data centers and management and financial systems
  • Advise on suitable software applications and offering price and feature comparisons for competing systems
  • Providing specialized and detailed project implementation plans regarding information technology and communication

  • Adding terms and detailed attachments for working conditions
  • Detailed, day-to-day follow-up of project implementation
  • Tracking project progress and the quality of devices and materials
  • Accepting or refusing processes and taking decisions according to the contract’s terms
  • Providing beneficiaries as well as implementing agencies with detailed performance reports