Our services include:

  • Network Migration and Installation
  • Certified Network Training
  • Network Trouble-shooting
  • Consultancy on Network Design/Specifications/RFP
  • IP address planning, documentation and implementation
  • Design and Implementation of Video Networking solutions
  • Design and Implementation of Data Canters
  • Design and Implementation of Internet Security solutions
  • Design and Implementation of Data Storage and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Design and Implementation of Content Distribution and Caching Solutions
ESCO offers a full suite of data center services that are designed to provide customized solutions based on your specific business needs.

Leveraging our highly capable and reliable data center infrastructure, we allow our customers to focus on their core strengths, without the need to operate the underlying infrastructure.

As a provider of total end-to-end communications solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of design, implementation and support services in the field of networking and cabling infrastructure to help organizations address their LAN, WAN and wireless LAN network cabling foundation needs.