ESCO offers a wide variety of management systems that help different enterprises working in various fields to reach their business goals fast and smartly. We provide a full range of user-friendly management and financial applications in the following areas:

Growing businesses cannot wait for late processes. We accomplish your accounting tasks fast and effectively. You can rely on ESCO accounting software solutions to save your time. Our systems help you create professional invoices, manage contact information, oversee projects from anywhere, automate many other business processes and produce detailed reports on precisely how your work is going, all in a timely and accurate manner. These reports include P and L, balance sheets, journals, bank accounts balances, master books and any other requested customized reports.
Securely, completely, and neatly is how your information is saved with ESCO’s archiving solutions. We guarantee effective storages for all archived items, including unstructured data, with a comprehensive and flexible framework for archiving and e-discovery. Our systems enable you to manage a wide variety of archived content such as email, files, SharePoint, IM, databases and more. Your time is saved by providing you with the ability to search documents fast and view the results within a few seconds.
Great books need brilliant solutions. Whether you are a student, a librarian or a business owner, you have the books and ESCO has the best innovative software for the optimal use of your library or bookstore.

Using our library management systems, you will be able to register your books, manage their information and backup your library database. Our software can keep track of all the content of your library or bookstore. It enables you to professionally find your needed results while saving about 90% of the manual search time. This system can be directly associated with our archiving applications.

Sole legal practitioner? Small law office? Large law firm? We understand your need to focus on the more interesting parts of your work. We are here to ease the burden on you and organize your stuff.

Our solutions make legal practice easy through brilliant software designed to perfectly organize your contacts, calendars, cases, documents, notes, time sheets, and billing. With the help of our masterful, automated system, you will be able to improve the efficiency and profitability of your firm.

Wishing to be the top provider for your customers? Be our customer and discover your own best provider when it comes to CRM software solutions.

Our applications put together your clients’ data and the most useful tools and features crucial to interacting with them. Customers’ messages, complaints, feedback, interactions, contact information, problems, needs and more are all in your hands. This will assist you with having a profound understanding of your clients’ requirements, and, thus, will help you build good relationships with them and grow your business.

Running a unique business and looking for competent software solutions? We create your singularity.

ESCO’s proficient developers are ready to have a thorough understanding of your business processes, special requirements and feasibility. Accordingly, we come up with customized software that perfectly meets your specific needs. We provide a list of integrated applications with a full range of tasks crucial to your business success, such as HR, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Procurement, Assets systems. The result is allowing companies to effectively manage their resources and giving the higher management the ability to make right decisions according to real time reports.

All you have to do is to care about your patients. We will take care of your Hospital Management System.

Handling patient and third party billing, scheduling, daily notes and more, our software will make your hospital almost paperless in no time. Our application enables you to track, record, retrieve, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital or clinic.

Taking the advantages of our Human Resources software solutions, we accompany you on the success way.

Our main job is to add an effective value to your day-to-day activities. We offer a wide variety of intelligent, multi-task HR systems with user-friendly dashboards that help you manage all your HR payroll, benefits, health insurance, paid time off and more all online.

Using our HR Management system, you will be able to manage all the related aspects including:

  • Employee information
  • Time and attendance management
  • Promotions and allowances
  • Vacations and absents
  • Gifts , thanks letters and punishments
  • Loans and properties
  • Other features

No more headaches, errors or boring tasks. ESCO brings you plenty of important features that are sure to help you keep your business on track.

Using our inventory management software, you will be able to keep track of your customers, vendors, costs and your entire inventory. We offer you several important functions that enable you to monitor and report stock costs, manage recurring orders and increase your productivity. We also provide a customer and provider evaluation program as part of our inventory or POS system to track your customers’/providers’ feedback.

No matter how many employees you hire or how complicated your hierarchy of salaries is, ESCO will make your payment processes easier, faster and accurate.

We deliver smart payroll solutions as per your business needs, while ensuring safety, accuracy and documentation of all your transactions with the ability to link the Payroll software to our HR system and reduce about 50% of usual manual work effort and time.

Your customers will come back to you shortly, because we make checkout process quicker, more accurate and done easily.

Supporting a variety of retailers, including convenience stores, grocery, and restaurants, we provide businesses with a cash register system that stores product information, helping save time and preventing cashier errors. Using our software, you can record sales transactions, print receipts, and manage product pricing and discounts easily. We also provide a customer and provider evaluation program as part of our POS or inventory system to track your customers’/providers’ feedback.

Targeting the ultimate in helping our clients, we simplify your most complex processes.

With our user-friendly software solutions, sales and purchasing are made ridiculously easy with greater visibility into company spending, tracking, and analytics. We provide innovative leaders with comprehensive tools to monitor, control and reduce operating expenses.

Our systems are developed to help different enterprises’ staff do great jobs with the least effort in a simple way. No matter what your area of work is, our systems can always be your success partners, guaranteeing the following advantages:

  1. Ease of use
    Our systems are designed to help users do great jobs in a simple way. That is why we always keep our multi-task dashboards as clear as possible.
  2. Ease of learning
    Through professional, user-friendly interfaces, we facilitate your tasks, making them more interesting and timely. You will need to use our software once to learn how to use it for all time.
  3. Quick access
    No more time-consuming searches. Users of our programs can find any page fast without having to look into several boring series of pages.
  4. Health aspect
    Designed using eye-comforting colors, our systems help reducing the effect of computer screens on eye health and vision.
  5. High capacity storages
    No matter how much information you need to archive, or how long you want to keep it. Our databases can save as much data as you desire without affecting the performance of the database or that of the associated system.
  6. Integrated databases
    We understand your need to have your data archived in a useful way, not as separately saved pieces of information. That’s why we have developed integrated databases that organize your data, providing the largest possible use of information.
  7. Effort reduction
    According to users’ requirements and jobs, we managed to design smart, well-organized pages with specific tasks by which they perfectly meet staff needs, while reducing human errors to the minimum. Our systems use web applications and, thus, they ease the burden on the maintenance personnel at the partner enterprise.
  8. Advanced search
    Our multi-task systems enable users to search the archived materials smartly through a wide variety of preferences including searching the database using advanced options, searching in a certain report, rewriting it within few seconds and having reports produced in soft copies as needed, whether as Word, Excel, PDF or HTML files.